1984 came in 2021

The Mandate Rebellion – Fair Use

The Mandate Rebellion

Text from the Movie: We are entering a new world order. After Years of planning, the day of our destiny has arrived. We are the masters of our race. You all have your place in the new world order. The government knows what is best for you. We know how to keep you safe. You must all have the shot. You all will conform, You will all be safe. You will obey. There will be no disagreements. No divergence from the government’s thought life will be allowed. Your Social Media will be monitored. No divergence from acceptable thoughts will be tolerated. Any attempt to oppose the mandates will be censored. We look forward to this bright new day of freedom for everyone!

George Orwell prophesied a government of mind control in 1984.
He was early…
It arrived in 2021 with the Mandate.
We are told what to think. Our communications are monitored. Our social media is censored. We are told how to think. We are told to surrender our freedom and submit, for the illusion of safety.
The choice is yours:
Resist or become a slave of the New World Order.

“You shall know the truth, and the truth will set you FREE”
John 8:32