They Want to Shut Down Free Speech

Triggered Democrat politicians and Biden-Harris campaign staff (including a White House cabinet member) are suing a small-town couple from Texas for exercising free-speech under a KKK law!

Robert and Joeylynn Mesaros proudly flew Trump flags with their local Trump Train next to the Biden Harris campaign bus when it drove through Texas during early election 2020 – you may remember the viral video Trump tweeted of this saying “I LOVE TEXAS!”.

Robert and Joeylynn are now getting sued in Federal court under the KKK law of 1871 as the plaintiffs lie claiming they “banded together on a public highway to suppress minority voter rights.” It is costing this couple hundreds of thousands of dollars to defend themselves and their constitutional right to free speech. This malicious weaponization of the court system against average Americans is a scary glimpse into the future of Americans’ free speech rights when offended political leaders can sue people merely over a difference of opinion. Additionally, the corrupt politicians have filed a protective order against Robert and Joeylynn attempting to SILENCE THEM from discussing details of the lawsuit as it progresses to trial. Why would they do that if they had nothing to hide?? The American people deserve to know the details of this case as it affects every single Americans’ right to free speech.

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